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Free services


Each health resort center voucher contains the following services included:

- stay at the health resort
- meals
- doctor’s prescribed treatment 
- beach use
- entertainment (films, discos, literature and music parties)
- meals 3 times a day (menu on order)

De luxe rooms guests have meals at a small hall; others – at the big dining hall.


The list of  M. V. Frunze health resort medical services included into the cost of voucher.

1. Organizing your treatment and sanitation
Consulting and assistance of the doctors (higher category doctors):
- cardiologist, dermatologist, neurologist, gynecologist, oculist, otolaryngologist, endocrinologist, physio-therapist, urologist

2.    X-ray examinations:
-    stomach and bowels roentgenoscopy
-    joints, 2 projection lungs, small of the back, neck, hands and feet roentgenography,
heel bones, ribbons, hip joint, Turkish saddle examination, paranasal sinus, cranium and teeth.

3.    Functional diagnostics methods
-    bicycle ergometry, electrocardiography, additional leads (such as Neb's method, inhale etc) medicamental test, Stress-echo, psycho emotional test.

4.    Laboratory diagnostics- Common blood analyses (17 indices), fibrillation and hemorrhage time, blood group and Rhesus factor, common urine analysis(10 indices), Nechiporenko urine analysis, 
occult blood feces analysis, feces analysis on helminth eggs, gynecological smear for microscopic examination.
Biochemical analysis
- prothrombin index fibrinogen whole [crude] protein melitemia, cholesterol, triglycerides bilirubin, sialic acid C-reactive protein thymol (turbidity) test, blood urea, rheumatoid factor alpha amylase beta- lipoproteins, uric acid, aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine-aminotransferase, alpha-choloesterol, calcium, iron, albumins

5. Neurology diagnostics
- Computer rheoecephalography (REAN), electroencephalography (EEG),

6. Treatment and health promotion programs
Electrotherapy: electrophoresis of drugs, diadynamic (currents) therapy, d'arsonvalization, ultra sound therapy, herbs phonoresis, UVCh-therapy, IKV-therapy, ultratonetherapy, magnetotherapy.

Phototherapy: local Ultra violet therapy, common Ultra violet therapy, "Bioniks" lamp, laser therapy.
Hydropathic programs: naphthalene, iodine-bromine baths, bio-foaming baths (calendula, valerian), salt sage baths, coniferous pearl baths.

Natural Matsesta bath (strictly on the doctor's prescription) turpentine baths, hydro complexes, gums hydro massage, Charcot's douche, circular douche, underwater douche massage, whirlpool baths for hands and feet. 
Ozone therapy: ozone and oxygen mix gassing in plastic bag
Physio: hand massage, inhalation therapy, aero and phytotherapy, hydrocolonotherapy.

7. Curative and therapeutic physical training. Training in therapeutic gymnastics groupformed according to the diagnoses, training in the gym and on the open air ground by the sea, swimming in the indoor swimming pool, tennis and ping pong, badminton, basketball.

8. Dental treatment. 
Dental therapy, caries, pulpitis, fixed splint treatment. 
The list and the quantity of the medical manipulations is determined by the doctor in charge and based on the diagnoses individually. 
Matsesta baths are prescribed when there are no contraindications in case the treatment is not less than 18 days.


WI-FI internet access is available on the ground floor of the building 1, 2, the park, on the first floor of the club building.

Most rooms have wire internet access, you can get connected upon request.

You can also get the WI-FI  router in our service bureau.


The health resort beach is equipped with everything necessary for your pleasant recreation and bathing. Aeraria, permanent and portable chaise-lounges.
The beach is stretched 350 meters long.

At your service
-    Open air gym
-    Ping pong
-    Chess
-    Boats
-    Water-bicycles
-    Fishing

All the necessary devices you can get at the rental agency located at the boating station.
The beach is open from 7 am till 7 PM.