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Treatment and diagnostics

The treatment and diagnostics complex of the health resort includes:

- Clinical biochemical laboratory
- Functional and ultra-sound diagnostics
- Information-wave diagnostics and therapy room
- X-ray examination room
- Hydropathy
- Physiotherapy department
- Dental department
- Massage rooms
- Inhalation and ozone therapy rooms

- Otolaryngologist
- Remedical exercises gym
- Inside swimming pool with warm water
- Treatment room
- 24 hours emergency medical service room


The physiotherapy room is equipped with modern home produced and foreign apparatus using low, high and super high frequency current; as well as with magnetic and compression therapy apparatus.

The Balnery of the Hydropathy offers up to 15 different baths with herbal, salt and complex multi-component concentrates; medicinal herbs, bio-foam and biologically active substances.


The Hydropathy at the medical department is equipped with contrasting baths, circular, ascending and needle baths, Charcot's douche, dry wrapping room where you will be served four types of herb tea (diaphoretic, bronchial, sedative).


The Dental department offers all kinds of oral cavity diseases treatment, metal, ceramic and plastic prosthetic dentistry.

The ozone therapy room is where they treat cardiovascular diseases, gynecological diseases, different fungous affections of skin, nails and so on.

The Information-wave diagnostics and therapy room is equipped with device for early diagnostics of viscera and endocrine glands, mammary, oncological diseases.