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Paid services

  • Post
  • Beauty salon
  • Shops

It is a special popular service to hold seminars and conferences at our health resort during low season periods
For these services we offer:
-    2 conference halls, for 36 people each 
-    large lecture hall for 218 places, equipped with digital sound and display systems

Additional services:
-    Internet
-    fax
-    tickets booking
-    transfer

Discounts for 50 and more persons groups accommodated at our health resort.
Large lecture hall rent cost - 1,500 rubles per hour (+VAT).
Small conference halls rent cost - 600 rubles per hour (+VAT).
We can provide banquets, coffee breaks between conferences for additional payments.


We can meet and see you off!

Transfers to the railway station and the airport as well as around the city for a reasonable price by the resort center cars.

At your service comfortable mini buses:
Transfer costs:

- meeting - 1100 rubles

- seeing off - 1000 rubles

Railway station - 400 rubles

Order on the phone (8622) 69-33-56, 67-12-68
e-mail: info@frunze.net, frunze_sochi@mail.ru


You can order and collect airplane and train tickets right at the health resort. The service bureau staff will make an order for you and then deliver the tickets to you.

The service bureau works from 8 AM to 8 PM
lunch break from 12 PM to 1 PM.


The sauna has severe and at the same time tender heat. It can't be compared to any other hygienic program when it comes to opening and clearing all pores of your body, it's the best way to wash yourself.

Sauna removes dead cells from upper layers of your skin and thus helps its self renewal.

Dry heat intensifies blood circulating, trains and strengthens vessels and the whole vascular system. Your skin shines with youth after taking sauna, it becomes rosy colored, soft and It doesn't only look more attractive but it also improves its physiological characteristics.

Better blood circulating in sauna also stimulates endocrine glands.

General sauna's style is hygienic and health improving.

The sauna is located on the first floor of the Club building.

It's capacity is 4 persons.

One session is 1.5 hour

Work hours from 10 AM to 9 PM

No days off.

Session's cost is 100 rubles (up to 4 persons)

Additional payment for an extra person is 250 rubles

Happy hours from 1.45 PM to 5.15 PM

Session's cost is 850 rubles (up to 4 persons)

Additional payment for an extra person is 250 rubles


Our health resort is happy to offer you lots of different excursion routes:
-    "Dendrarium" park
-    Dolphin show
-    City sightseeing tour
and others


Our left luggage office is at your service.

Working hours:

Daily from 8 AM till 11 AM and from 1 PM till 7 PM

One luggage place costs 40 rubles per night.