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Paid medical services

Paid medical services 

-    Ultra sound diagnostics
-    Dentistry and dental prosthetics
--    Phytotherapy
-    Kinesiology
-    Manual therapy
-    MRI mammary diagnostics

Speleo-climatic camera

Sylvinite speleo-climatic camera is intended to cure and rehabilitate patients with chronic non-specific lungs diseases and a number of allergy diseases. 
The main curing factors of speleo-climatic camera are the following:

-    stable temperature and humidity regime 
-    low bacteria contamination
-    absence of numerous allergens 
-    high content of mostly negatively charged air ions
-    positive psycho emotional effect

The micro climate created in speleocamera causes anti-inflammatory, hyposensibilising, secretorylytic, spamolytic and antibacterial action.


Shungite therapy

In January 2009 a Shungite therapy room was open to our guests. Shungite has antibacterial action, restorative action, ability to screen electromagnetic radiation (including geo-pathogenic radiation), catalytic and sorption activities, ability to self regeneration due to its unique structure and composition.

The adapting effect of the shungite therapy is revealed in shortening rehabilitation after acute diseases, shortening the treatment time, reinforcement of curative and recreational programs, brining to harmony psycho-physical state of people.

Staying in shungite room is prescribed to people with heart diseases, hypertonic disease, vegetative neuroses, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, adaptive disorders, diabetes and others.
Shungite clears, cures, rehabilitates and restores.


MRI mammary diagnostics

We offer you a new medical technology, now it's available for the guests of Sochi and town residents. 
MRI diagnostics' distinguishing features are: 
-    Revealing pathology at the very early stage
-    High sensitivity of the method
-    No radiation exposure
-    Easy and clear representation of the results
-    Completely computerized digital technology

MRI in mammology allows:
-    To examine patients for prophylactics and in order to reveal risk groups with mammary neoformations.

-    To keep under observation mammary glands in the course of mastopathy treatment

To organize harmless and painless examination of young, pregnant, nursing women for whom X-ray mammography is contraindicated or not informative.



The beauty and cosmetology parlor of the Open Joint stock Company "M. V. Frunze Health Care Resort" has been working for four years in Sochi. Its permanent clients are the health center holiday makers as well as guests and town residents. The main purpose of our beauty and cosmetology parlor is caring out programs aimed to satisfy the people's demands in medical, health restoring and social medical assistance.

It is standard cosmetology parlor equipped as "Compact business class parlor" and it belongs to the medical-diagnostics department of the health resort. Its personnel consist of employees with medical education and special training and qualifications.

Classical design, comfort, well trained staff, the German IONTO-COMED company's quality create optimal atmosphere for serving our patients.

The parlor is fully equipped with classical cosmetology functional micro processing programs of the PROFI-System apparatus: peeling, vacuum, spray, iontophoresis, lymphatic facial and body draining, thermotherapy, d'arsonval.

We have an apparatus complex consisting of three apparatuses: IONTO-LIFT BF Master, IONTO- LIFT BF Slave, IONTO-SONO. It allows making use of two or three physical factors combined in one procedure. The simultaneous use of the apparatuses is based on ultra sound application (mechanical and chemical effect) and modeling medium frequency pulse current. Such a combination improves Due to the unique structure and the composition facial and body skin contour.

The complex use of prophylactic mini sauna "Cedar Vat" and external use balms from the series "Raritet" (Russian production) is great for well being and weight loss.

Two methods of depilating are applied here:
1. Waxing with ROLL-ON-SET Basis

2. Electrical depilating with IONTO-EPIL apparatus is a result of the specific combination of electrolysis and thermolysis, that is galvanic current and high frequency current.

These are perfected methods of complex use of apparatus techniques combined with professional cosmetics produced by French companies BERNARD CASSIERE. In order to achieve the best effect Bernard Cassiere company collaborates with one of the world leading laboratories SOREDEC. It guarantees quality of the company's products. Bernard Cassiere company has its own Beauty Institution in Paris which allows making use of the latest achievements of professional cosmetology and keeping competitive prices.

The health resort's beauty and cosmetology parlor offers you face and body care using means that act as treatment and remedy as well as improving your skin looks and of course it gives you exquisite pleasure!


The programs we offer:

Professional salon programs 
-    ANTI-STRESS "Chocolate Fondue" with black or white chocolate;
-    BIO-Lifting
-    Bio-Moisture with bamboo extract + thermo mask
-    Oxygen SPA care with honey
-    AHA peeling + softening mask
-    "Blackberry" mask

Fundamental programs
-    Moisturizing with cannabis oil and bamboo extract
-    Wrinkles prevention with anise

-    Anti age program
-    Nourishing and protection with cacao 
-    Sensitive and delicate skin care with blackberry
-    Oily skin care with lemon
-    Problem skin care with peppermint

- Oxygen saturating 
- Cuperosis skin care

The cosmetic products formulas are based on active vegetative ingredients. Massage and relaxing music create comfort, the result you can see, exquisite pleasure and great mood!


Our phyto-bar is happy to represent you different sorts of herbal tea which are used to help fighting:
-    hypertonic disease
-    heart, liver, stomach, kidneys, nervous system, bronchi diseases, diabetes as well as for detoxes and loosing weight.

There is a wide assortment of balms represented here, they are made of Gorny Altai herbs, natural honey and propolis. The herbs are selected and sorted for better effect on children, women's and men's organisms. They are recommended for eyesight improving, when one has diseases of nervous system, stomach, bronchi, liver, kidneys, heart and joints.

The phyto-bar products assortment includes balms made with antlers of young Siberian stags and oxygen cocktails.


Dry carbon dioxide baths 
Since 60th last century they started using special treatment devices filled with carbon dioxide or different concentration; it was possible to measure out the gas in doses. Such procedures were first started in Western Germany and later in Russia. Dry carbon dioxide baths have unique effect on a patient. There is no physical annexation or temperature influence as while taking water carbon dioxide baths and thus limited in use at a number pathologic conditions. Carbon dioxide is known for different mechanisms of biological effects on human organism. Carbon dioxide gas direct contact with skin causes improvement of blood circulation, creating in it numerous biologically active substances. As a result skin protecting functions are becoming better, it accelerates healing processes, reduces skin itching and inflammation. Under the influence of carbon dioxide baths small arteries and capillaries are widened and it causes blood circulations in different organs including heart muscles which allow heart to stand physical exercising easier. Carbon dioxide baths lower blood pressure. The effect of carbon dioxide baths was noticed in changing functional condition of higher central vegetative nervous systems sections by means of restoring steadiness and balance of nervous processes. A very important action of carbon dioxide baths is raising concentration of oxygen in arterial blood and as a result tissues and organs receive more oxygen, all the metabolic processes (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, electrolytic) are improved.  

Prescribed for:
•    Cardiovascular diseases
- coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction at convalescent phase, hypertensive disease of 1st and 2nd stage, symptomatic arterial hypertensive disease, 
valvular defects, neurocirculatory dystonia of hypotonic cardiac, arrhythmic and mixed variants, lower limbs vessels obliterating atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis

•    Respiratory organs diseases -    chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumosclerosis, pneumonectasia 
* Metabolic disorders and endocrinal diseases - exogenous obesity at 1st, 2nd, 3d stages, diabetes (light and medium heavy), hypothyroidism with myocardiodystrophy, climax with menstruation disorders.

•    Locomotor apparatus diseases - metabolic-dystrophic polyarthritis, podagra, deforming osteoarthrosis, rheumatic polyarthritis, Bechterew's disease, vertebral osteochondrosis (radiculitis, protrusion, disc hernia)
* Nervous system diseases
- encephalopathy (atherosclerosis, hypertensive disease)
* Kidney and urine excretory system diseases 
- chronic prostatitis, chronic pyelonephritis

* Skin diseases
- psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema 
* Sportsmen preparation period for competitions
* Acclimatization
* After traumas rehabilitation 
- Instable angina, recurrent myocardial infarction 
- Any acute period diseases
- Pregnancy
- Acute brain's blood circulation disorders
- Nephritic and hepatic failure