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Cardiovascular diseases

You can take the following cardiology treatments at our health resort:

- coronary heart disease without or with rare stenocardia attacks
- circulatory inefficiency (not worse than 1 stage)
- aterosclerotic cardiosclerosis
- hypertensive disease of 1st and 2nd stage
- rheumatism (inactive phase) or with minimum symptoms of the active process without valvular defects or with compensated mitral valvular disease
- inflammatory arthropathia and peripheral arteries atherosclerosis of 1st and 2nd stages
- chronic vascular inefficiency (varix dilatation, trombophlebitis of decline period)

Only the doctors of the first and higher categories will take care of your treatment at our health center. 2 of them are candidates of medical science.

The methods of your treatment are determined by your doctor in charge individually basing on your check up results and taking into consideration peculiarities of your organism and disease.